Aligning Perceptual Positions  is a simple process that can have some rather remarkable effects in our relationships and life.

It helps us:

  • clear our perceptions (quite literally) so that we are better able to really see, hear and feel what’s going on.
  • get in touch with our own feelings, wants and needs in a situation. (Through the process, our feelings become more resourceful, we become clearer about what we want, while “neediness” and other unresourceful states tend to drop away.)
  • become more compassionate of others–and often understand where they are coming from better than ever before
  • develop our wisdom – so we’re able to tap into our own wise counsel.

What’s unusual is that all of this happens through some simple and straightforward shifting of how we experience things–Literally how we see hear and feel things. Doing this feels like a return to what is more natural, and easier. It feels like returning to the way we were meant to be–not something we have to impose upon ourselves. So you’re likely to experience an inner relaxation as you become more resourceful.

There are many subtleties to using the method well. Below is a complete list of resources that will help you get the most out of this process. These are all by Connirae and/or Tamara Andreas. So you will be getting an accurate and quality representation of the material from the developer’s perspective. This list includes live demonstrations by Connirae and Tamara.

Aligning Perceptual Positions Resources:

The Aligning Perceptual Positions process was developed in 1989 by Connirae Andreas.

1. Free article on Aligning Perceptual Positions, written by Connirae and Tamara Andreas:

2. Aligning Perceptual Positions Demo: (Video Download)  You can watch Connirae guiding a participant through the Aligning Perceptual Positions Process. This is a complete demonstration from a Denver NLP Conference (in 1990).

3. Core Transformation 3-Day Training DVD Set: The Aligning Perceptual Positions process has always been part of the Core Transformation 3-day Workshop. Tamara Andreas demonstrates Aligning Perceptual Positions with someone who has learning disabilities on this DVD set. (4 DVDs, plus 28 page Training Manual.)

4. Core Transformation 3-Day LIVE TRAINING: Tamara Andreas, co-author of the Core Transformation book, teaches this workshop, live, in Boulder Colorado, once each year. Tamara is an exceptional trainer. (She has been invited to many continents to teach this work.) One of the three days is devoted to the Aligning Perceptual Positions Process.

5. The Aligned Self Audiobook: 9 hrs. This is a 4-day training taught by Connirae Andreas. (Note that “The Aligned Self” was an earlier name for the Core Transformation workshop.) This training includes Aligning Perceptual Positions plus Core Transformation, Parental Timeline Reimprinting, and Eye Movement Integration. The audio format means there is some interesting discussion of Aligning Perceptual Positions, along with the demonstrations. Connirae recommends first viewing the video demonstrations (#2 or #3 above). Watching the gestures and spatial sorting on the video is necessary to really understand what’s happening on the audio version.

6. Core Transformation Trainer Manual: We include in-depth information and subtle details about how to effectively teach and use the Aligning Perceptual Positions method in our Core Transformation Training Trainer Manual here: (Aligning Perceptual Positions takes up one day of the 3-Day Core Transformation Workshop.)

Connirae’s work on Aligning Perceptual Positions has also been featured in a number of books and manuals, including: Ten Years of Viewing Within: The Legacy of Francisco Varela, ed. Claire Petitmengin. (c) 2009, Imprint Academic, Charlottesville, VA, pp. 217-230. (Note the Aligning Perceptual Positions  chapter included in this book is essentially the same as the free article listed in #1 above.)