Core Transformation is a simple process with profound results. It gives us a way to use our limitations as the doorway to felt experiences of “Peace”, “Love”, “Oneness”, or “OKness.” Through the process, we come to naturally live our life from this place. Often even deeply entrenched habits and emotional “buttons” are transformed through this gentle method.

To learn more, visit the  Core Transformation website.  You’ll find free articles, a free Webinar including a demonstration, an international list of trainers, schedule of  trainings, and more.

Core Transformation Resources:

Core Transformation Book description, endorsements, and to Order

Core Transformation–the full 3-Day Workshop on DVD

CT Trainer Materials Packet Description

CT Complete Resources List Page 

Video Demonstrations by Connirae Andreas of Core Transformation (basic), Core Transformation (complex demo), Aligning Perceptual Positions, and Parental Timeline Reimprinting are all available from Real People Press.