Articles by Connirae Andreas:
“Aligning Perceptual Positions” by Connirae and Tamara Andreas, 1991.  This article describes a process that is especially impactful in enhancing our relationships and improving communication with others.  Aligning Perceptual Positions guides us in a series of simple inner shifts that can dramatically increase our natural ability to stand for ourselves, be compassionate towards others, and have access to wisdom regarding our own personal life situations.  Rather than give us specific solutions, this process brings us to a greater inner clarity so that solutions come to us.  This article includes a demonstration.

Worth 10,000 Words? Or How to make a coaching session more effective. Connirae describes how she uses herself as a demonstration person in individual client sessions, and shows how this moves the session along more productively.

The Core Transformation Story: how the process came to be, by Connirae Andreas. It was a week-long visit to Milton Erickson in 1979, that is probably responsible for beginning my quest to find the Core Transformation process. During the last year of his life, Dr. Erickson had the policy of only accepting mental health professionals as “visitors.” One small group would come in for a week at a time, spending each morning in a small circle in Dr. Erickson’s home office, listening to him tell stories about his clients. A therapist friend of mine signed up for a week and invited me to join her small group of friends and colleagues in Phoenix AZ. When I went, I was dealing with a very difficult personal issue…. Read More

How Our Metaphors Reveal Creative Solutions: A few glimpses of the Metaphors of Movement work with Andy Austin…