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Dr. Andreas’ work is available in both audio and video formats for your easy learning.


Core Transformation Resources:

Core Transformation Book description, endorsements, and to Order

Core Transformation–the full 3-Day Workshop on DVD (taught by Tamara Andreas)

CT Trainer Materials Packet Description

CT Complete Resources List Page 

Video Demonstrations by Connirae Andreas of Core Transformation (basic), Core Transformation (complex demo), Aligning Perceptual Positions, and Parental Timeline Reimprinting are all available from Real People Press.


Wholeness Work Resources:

Free Webinar

Complete Client Session

Streaming Video Training (2-Day Training)


Advanced Language Patterns (Set: audio download)

One of Connirae’s specialties has always been “conversational change.”  In this well-loved CD set, she first teaches language patterns explicitly.  Then you’ll be treated to a live recording of Connirae teaching conversational changes at an NLP Conference.  You can listen as she demonstrates with several people in a row, how to listen to the presuppositions of every word someone says, and how to invite a process of inquiry and change using simple questioning.

Classic NLP:

Dr. Connirae Andreas offers classic demonstrations of key NLP techniques, including 6-Step Reframing, the Swish Pattern, Grief Resolution, and more.   Great for those wanting to learn these methods from an experienced and capable trainer, these videos provide easy-to-follow examples of how each method works.

Connirae also has a CD set titled Healing Meditations, with transformative meditative processes anyone can do.  You may enjoy exploring these processes if you would like something that is relaxing and transformative at the same time.

Parenting Resources:

Based on Connirae’s experience with her own family, these videos and audios include some simple strategies that can make life easier for both parents and children.

Parenting Video Download

Parenting Audio Workshop


Publishing Company of Steve and Connirae Andreas:

Here you’ll find all of Connirae’s books, plus NLP books, CDs, and DVDs by a range of NLP Master Trainers and developers.  These include a new series of NLP client sessions on DVD by Steve Andreas, a full 3-Day Core Transformation Training on DVD taught by Tamara Andreas, classic books by Leslie Cameron-Bandler, and more.

Andreas NLP Trainings:
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